Angel’s Point

As I was driving around Los Angeles, the sun set, and with it I just lost any good lighting for some pictures I had planned out. I started looking online on where there’s some good spots for night-time photography in Los Angeles.

I found an article on Medium from Josh S. Rose that he published. One of which, was Angel’s Point in a dark and empty park at night that’s right behind Dodger Stadium! I downloaded Google Maps (because Waze and Apple Maps don’t know how to enter coordinates) and clicked on his very handy link that has the exact coordinates to the exact spot of where to get that beautiful shot.

I totally did not bring a tripod with me because it’s a complete hassle and a chore to lug that thing around with me on a plane. I did look up some camera shops around the area shortly after my visit to Angel’s Point to see if I can find a nice small monopod with an Arca Swiss mount. Powell Camera came up and that was the same shop I went to buy my second Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 a year ago during my trip for Thanksgiving. Short back story to that: I dropped if the first day I flew in to LA. I’ll see what they have when they open tomorrow.

Edit January 5, 2018 – 13:03 CST: I did go to Powell Camera Shop and bought a SIRUI PS Series monopod – it’s awesome! 😎

But for now, here’s two of the pictures I came out with! I had to prop my camera on a rock to get those long exposures. Because of this, I was restricted in what kind of composition I wanted. But I’m still happy with what came out!