CineStill 800 Film

I bought about 4 rolls of CineStill 800 film to test out and compare to my favorite film, Fuji Natura 1600. I think it gives it gives it a warm nostalgic feel.

There’s one photo in this gallery that shows some light leak (the one with Tiffany at the The Corner) and I love it, actually – a happy accident. 🙃

I’d put CineStill 800 tungsten as my secondary film for night or low light film photography with Ilford Delta 3200 as my primary. But those might be interchangeable for me depending on the situation and if I want black and white or color.

A “feature” that this film has is: “remjet backing free, resulting in a unique halation effect”. (CineStill) And what it means is: “This prevents any light from being reflected back through the emulsion from the rear surface of the base, or from anything behind the film, such as the pressure plate of the camera, and causing a halo-like effect around bright points or edges in the image.” (Wikipedia)

So, this “feature” give’s it a unique awesome look. You can see the example of this in the picture of the church I took. Look at the top and you’ll see a ‘bloom’ kind of effect.

Anyways, here’s some of my pictures of my 4 rolls that I sent to The Darkroom to get developed.

Camera: Canon New F1

Lens: Canon FD 50mm SCC f/1.4

Film: CineStill 800 Tungsten