Griffith Observatory

Before I even arrived to Los Angeles, I already planned on making the Griffith Observatory one of my first stops to visit. I love museums, space, telescopes, good views, and the Griffith Observatory checked all of those!

It was a hassle to even park my car somewhere and then wait for the shuttle to drive me up the hill to the observatory (the shuttle charges 50 cents, by the way – cash only – and don’t expect to get change back if you put in $1). But I think the day I went there was free admission because I did not see any employee’s manning the cash registers at the entrance of the observatory (win!).

Before I even entered the place, I walked around it and took in the awesome views. Right next to it and close up was the Hollywood sign. Further away and below: Los Angeles. I took out my camera and just went ham.

Some of these pictures are a little the same (composition wise) because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. So sorry for the inconvenience! 😅