Bier Garten Altstadt Event

I went for the beer stein hoisting tournament, I stayed for the beer and company.

A friend and The Corner regular, Cindy, won the Altstadt stein hoisting tournament that was held at The Corner among other breweries and tap houses. She held out for about seven minutes and won the women’s tournament at The Corner. Mark, another regular, won the men’s tournament. I was invited to tag along for the finals that were going to be held at the Bier Garten in downtown San Antonio. As it turns out, no one else showed up except them two. And because I’m guilty by association for knowing the two finalists and hanging out with the Altstadt representatives and marketing director for that night, I was extended the winnings of having an inclusive all expenses paid visit to the Altstadt Brewery’s grand opening on October 5th. I couldn’t refuse the offer and accepted! The rest of the night at Bier Garten was awesome with Chris Cruz and Andrea playing some live music there which was an awesome accident (they’re regular players at The Corner).