Gotta Finish The Roll

So when I was cleaning, I found out that my Canon New F1 film camera still had a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 film in it and had 20 shots through it already. I didn’t even know what was in it.

Simple fix:
1. Go get some coffee and take the camera with you.
2. Drive around until you see something worth taking a photo of.
3. Develop the film and see what’s in it.

Well, I drove around San Antonio twice and made it halfway to Austin before I hit crazy traffic and decided to drive back.

I called my friend Eric and asked “hey bro.. weird favor but can I drive to your place and have you stand in front of my passenger side door so I can take a photo of you to make it look like a candid shot?”

Well he was down and asked if he can come with me and we ended up in Castroville, TX then over to Hondo, TX.

By the way, there’s this awesome old timey movie theatre in Hondo that’s STILL OPEN! It’s called The Raye and we couldn’t pass up the chance to relive some nostalgia. We ended up watching Tenet which was a total mind phux.

Anyways, I ended up shooting 16 photos to finish off the roll of film so I can send it off to be developed. That roll can be seen (the cherry picked ones) in the post called “Ilford Delta’ness” and the cherry picked of the 16 I shot to finish the roll are here!