About Me

So about me.. I really don’t know what to say. Photography is a hobby of mine and I love it as a hobby – going professional or commercial isn’t really appealing to me. I want to take pictures when I want to take pictures. I want them to look how I want them to look. And I want to take pictures of whatever I want, when I want.

I own about five cameras and one drone at this time. First, my primary being the Canon EOS 80D. It is technically my second camera that I bought and used, with the Canon Rebel T5 being the very first. I don’t have that camera any more because I gifted it to a very good close friend of mine. But I did learn pretty much the fundamentals of cameras on that T5.

Canon EOS 80D & Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8

Then I recently bought the Canon G7X MkII due to concert camera restrictions. Concerts sometimes let you bring cameras but only if they fit in a front pocket and don’t have interchangeable lens. It’s a very nice, convenient, handy little camera that doesn’t take much space at all in my camera bag. It’s incredibly light as well.

Canon G7X Mark II

Then there’s my Canon AE-1 Program. That was my first film camera and the one that got me hooked on film photography. I bought it at a little steep price on eBay, but it was from a professional camera shop and they completely redone the light seals as well as a complete polish all around. It’s an incredibly awesome simple film camera.

Canon AE-1 Program

Next one up is the Canon New F1 that I also obtained over eBay. I fell in love with the AE-1 that I just thought I’d love the Canon New F1 even more! But to be honest, the AE-1 still hold that little special place in my heart. Sure, it doesn’t have a removable view finder, removable focusing screen, higher shutter speeds, and unable to use it without a battery. But it’s so much lighter than the New F1, a little smaller, and it’s just so easy to whip around in your hand.

Canon New F1 & Canon FD SCC 50mm f/1.8

Last of the cameras would be the Mamiya 645 Pro. My first medium format camera I have ever used or owned. I rarely ever use it simply because it’s just this big, heavy, non ergonomic, square, pain in the rear to load film camera. If you can get around those cons, the Mamiya 645 would be the best medium format camera for you! I have shot about 2 rolls of 120 film on it to this day and have developed only one roll. I fell in love with the negatives and the shots I took with it that made me want to look past its imperfections. There’s a specific time and place for that camera, and in my camera bag that I take everywhere daily is not one of them.

Mamiya 645 Pro & Mamiya-Sekor C 45mm f/2.8

The drone that I have is a DJI Spark and it’s an awesome little drone that can take 1080p mechanically stabilized video. It allows me to take some great landscape panning shots. I plan on upgrading to the DJI Maverick sometime in the future so I can upgrade my drone video quality to 4K with an added axis of stabilization.